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Jul. 26th, 2010 12:05 am
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I just did a small friends cut, just because there are a few people who I no longer have anything in common with and we never comment on eachother's journals.  If you really want me to add you back send me a message.

If you can see this post, you're good.
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I'm not really doing a large friends cut, but there have been some people that I have not heard from whether it be from their journal posts or comments to mine in a very long time. Also some of us our interests have changed since becoming friends.  So some people were cut.  If you didn't want to be cut leave me a comment and let me know.  If you can see this post, then you are  still on my flist.

Also when I first started livejournal I didn't plan on using it for friends only posts, but then started. Because of this, there are people who are watching my journal that I'm not sure if you're watching for me or my artwork because I never added anyone back as a friend.  If you're here for my art, you can defriend me and watch [info]kleahs my new graphic journal.  I will not be posting anymore of my art in this journal.  If you're wanting me to add you back, leave me a comment and tell me why we should be friends.

So as mentioned in the above paragraph, I have a new graphics community, [info]kleahs .  If you interested go ahead and watch it.  I hope to see you there. 


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I just realized my one year anniversary of being on livejournal was two days ago. I originally created mine to house my fanfiction, which evolved into housing my icons and art. Through out all of this I've gotten to know some wonderful people. *hugs flist*
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